Ethical Awareness


Part of our purpose at Anam Cara Essentials is to strive to be kind to our planet and its inhabitants, and we are impassioned to always consider the impact our decisions have on the world around us.
We are committed to purchasing from organizations that do not participate in unethical harvesting practices. This means we will never purchase ANY ingredient that has been obtained unsustainably or without the proper cultivating techniques.
For instance, we only purchase ethically harvested Sandalwood from Hawaii. Sandalwood has undergone heavy human exploitation for many centuries and is now considered threatened and endangered from India to the Pacific Islands.

We have also signed the TRUTH IN LABELING pledge through the Natural Ingredient Resource Center. This states that we will always label our ingredients with full disclosure. We pledge when creating products using the term “natural”, the products will be labeled according to the Natural Ingredient Resource Center Guidelines for labeling natural products.

*We commit to NEVER using synthetic ingredients such as fragrance oils or petrochemicals in our products. To learn more click here:

Many hours of my time have been invested in learning about the difference between PURE essential oils and adulterated oils. I feel extremely fortunate that I was educated by someone who is vehemently committed to bringing the truth about essential oils to many people in the United States and throughout the world.

During my Aromatherapy certification training of some 300+ hours, I came to understand there is no alternative to using essential oils that are tested through the GCMS process. This chemical evaluation allows one to be certain of their chemical components and therefore, therapeutic properties. To learn more about the importance of this testing, click here to go to Art+Science=Power of Plants

Nature Street LLC DBA Anam Cara Essentials does not, nor has it ever tested on animals and does not purchase any ingredients from companies that condone animal testing.
You will, on the other hand, find us sharing stories and pictures related to our            L-O-V-E of animals and the living, breathing creations of nature.
If you have a story about your pet or nature that you think would be impactful to share, please email us! We’d love to hear from you!

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